Meet Deborah


  • I’m an artist. (Self-taught. Always experimenting and learning.)
  • I live in Lewisville, Texas — a suburb of Dallas.
  • My art quilts and fiber collages have been published in books and magazines and exhibited all over the world.
  • I believe everyone has a creative spirit and I love helping others explore that spirit.
  • Sometimes I make a big mess when I’m creating. Sometimes it takes days to clean up.
  • My favorite color combination is green and purple.
  • I’ve lived in Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, California, Maine, Texas and Maryland.
  • My artwork incorporates personal symbols like houses, leaves, stones, bowls, ladders and handwriting.
  • I love crossword puzzles and cracking codes.
  • I don’t cut paper with my fabric scissors. (Usually.)
  • If I want two things stuck together, I prefer to sew a seam. I’m not so good with the glue.
  • My middle name is Hope.
  • I don’t like watermelon or mac and cheese.
  • I love coffee, brownies, ice cream and tacos!
  • I often add hand embroidery to my art quilts while sitting in my grandmother’s old rocking chair.
  • I’m a list maker, but not necessarily a list follower.
  • I have a wonderfully fun and supportive family. My husband Jeff and I met when we were teenagers. We love sharing adventures with our kids, Claire and Benjamin.
  • It’s always a priviledge to share my artwork and ideas about creating art. I teach workshops online, in videos, through webinars — and even in real life!
  • When I’m making art, my heart beats faster and I feel joyful.

Boschert Family

Juried Exhibitions, Shows and Awards


  • Quilters Guild of Dallas Show, Judges Choice, Honorable Mention


  • International Quilt Festival, First Place Miniature Art Quilts
  • VAST 125, Denton, TX, Third Place
  • Patterns, Dinner at Eight Artists traveling exhibition
  • Live Your Brightest Life, a tribute to Yvonne Porcella
  • Quilters Guild of Dallas Show, Third Place, Honorable Mention


  • Art Quilts by Deborah Boschert, Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church
  • a matter of time textile art, traveling exhibition
  • VAST 125, Denton, TX
  • Balancing Act, SAQA traveling exhibition


  • Butterflies and Their Beautiful Kin, traveling exhibit
  • VAST 125, Denton, TX


  • Let’s Make Alzheimer’s a Distant Memory: The Mind’s Eye, Dallas Area Fiber Artists
  • What’s for Dinner, special exhibition
  • Tactile Architecture, traveling exhibition
  • An Exquisite Moment, traveling exhibition
  • SAQA Deux, traveling exhibition


  • Rituals, traveling exhibition
  • Material Voices, Lowell, MA
  • Selections from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, California


  • The Space Between, traveling exhibition
  • Frayed Edges, Camden, Maine
  • Sacred Threads, Herdon, Virginia
  • National Juried Quilt Exhibit, Honorable Mention, Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, Fredrick, Maryland
  • MetroThreads Fiber Art show, traveling exhibit
  • Thread Tails and Vapor Trails, traveling exhibit


  • Beneath the Surface, traveling exhibit
  • Tactile Architecture, traveling exhibit
  • 12×12 Art Quilt Collaborative, international traveling exhibit, 2010 and ongoing
  • Twelve Square Inches, Dallas Quilt Celebration


  • BIG as in Texas, Texas Museum of Fiber Arts
  • Dallas Quilt Celebration, Honorable Mention
  • Visual Arts Society of Texas, 125-Mile Exhibition, Denton, TX


  • Tactile Architecture, traveling exhibit
  • Deep in the ART of Texas, Texas Museum of Fiber Arts
  • Visual Arts Society of Texas, 125-Mile Exhibition, Denton, Texas
  • New Horizons in Fiber 2008: Texas Federation of Fiber Artists


  • New Frontiers: An Exhibition of Contemporary Fiber Art, McAllen, Texas
  • Visual Arts Society of Texas, 125-Mile Exhibition, Denton, Texas
  • The Frayed Edges, 5 Artists: 5 Views, Camden, Maine
  • Dallas Area Fiber Artists, Thompson Gallery, Mary Ryan Award


  • Au Naturale at the Tims Art Quilt Studio and Gallery
  • Microcosmos: Little Worlds at the Tims Art Quilt Studio and Gallery
  • The Art of Healing at Maine Street Art Gallery, Brunswick, Maine


  • Frayed Edges at the Little Dog Coffee Shop, Brunswick, Maine


  • Art Quilts Maine at the Chocolate Church Arts Center, Bath, Maine
  • Maine Quilts, Honorable Mention


  • QuiltFest, Jacksonville, Florida, Honorable Mention