Framing Flourish

Framing Flourish

38″ x 31″

part of the special exhibit Tactile Architecture, 2010

I love the framing phase in the construction of a house. The inside and outside seem to occupy the same space unified by the linear structure of wooden beams. The house stands like a strong skeleton and blue sky appears through the walls, ceiling and roof. It’s a symbol of openness and possibility. I imagine the people who will make their home in the structure and the way their lives will grow, flourish and entwine with the community. One sunny morning, I took several snapshots of a house in the framing stage. By afternoon, it was closed up with dry wall panels. The framing phase is fleeting. To capture that moment in this quilt, I created a vast blue sky dotted with hand-stamped circles and stream-of-consciousness writings. Using a large stencil, I painted an open image of the framed entry way of the house. A cheery, wispy, yellow vine flourishes over the beams. Tiny hillside homes in the foreground create a foundation. This house will become part of a neighborhood. The framework sits on a sturdy foundation. Those that occupy the home will create their own foundation of growth, identity and love. Images of wild flowers, vines, leaves and branches represent growth and appear in the fabric and embroidery throughout the quilt. Free motion quilting lines in a structured, linear motif create another reference to the construction of a house.

Framing Flourish, detail

Detail image

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