Fence and Flourish

Fence and Flourish

48″ x 36″

part of the traveling exhibit The Space Between, 2011

As I began creating this quilt for the theme “The Space Between,” we had just moved into a new home in Maryland. I had a dream about interpreting the theme as the space between our house and the busy road beyond our back fence. It seemed like such an odd, and yet perfectly appropriate, direction to explore. I kept my creative mind open for a new inspiration, but this idea hung on. All of the elements in the quilt are references to our yard. Some are specific and obvious, others are just tangentially related — or related only in my mind. There are birds and plants. There is a swirly swarm that might represent traffic noise. There are pine trees. There are the layers of design and texture that symbolize the layers of experiences we have as we build new lives in new places.

Fence and Flourish, detail

Detail image

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